Practice Better

Looking for tips and tricks for more effective practice? Take a look here at these articles.

Four Benefits To Practicing Slowly
Rehearsing your instrument slowly has its own rewards.It's pretty much any sax player's wish that he or she could pick[...]
Training Your Lip For Endurance
Your lip is a muscle. And understanding the physiology of that muscle can help you play better - and longer.In[...]
Muscle Memory And The Importance Of Accurate Practice
Some thoughts on muscle memory, and the importance of accuracy in practice.When you practice a physical motion with your body,[...]
Why You Need To OWN The Pentatonic Scale
Note: If you've subscribed to the website and logged in, you can gain access to the free exercise download HERE...  And[...]
Focus On One Thing
Sometimes it can be overwhelming to try to figure out where to start down a road to getting to where[...]
Music Is a Language And Musical Phrases Are Vocabulary
Years ago, I took some lessons from a guy named Steve Woods. He was a music professor at a community[...]