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Total Beginner Sax Course

5 Chapters 15 Lessons Beginner

About this course

This is a course for anyone to use to learn the basics of how to start playing the saxophone. It assumes you know nothing about the saxophone and goes from there thru to playing basic songs on the sax.

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Course Structure

Introduction To The "Total Beginner" Sax Course 1 Lesson


If you haven't even gotten a sax yet 1 Lesson

Which Sax To Start With

If you don't already have a saxophone, you'll want to take a minute and go through this video quickly about recommendations as to what saxophone to start with.


Dealing with all the parts - reed, mouthpiece, neck, etc. 5 Lessons

The Mouthpiece

Properly setting up the mouthpiece, the ligature and the reed is essential to getting a good sound. Learn how with this lesson.

Mouthpiece And Neck

You need to understand how the mouthpiece works on the neck and how to set it up properly.

A Tip About The Neck

This is a quick lesson about something that will make your life a little easier every day, and possibly save you a lot of grief if things go wrong.

Holding The Sax

The basics of how to hold the sax and where the fingers go, and on which keys.

The Neckstrap

It's important to know how to set the neckstrap to the right length so that you have the best geometry between your mouth, your neck and arms and the saxophone. This lesson gives you the scoop.


Let's start to play some notes! 6 Lessons

First Sounds On The Sax

We've put the parts together, adjusted our mouth and the neckstrap. Now, in this lesson, we start to make sounds and notes on the instrument.

So, Just How Much Mouthpiece?

Now that you're playing notes, taking another look at mouthpiece position and embouchure will help you to get a good sound.

Playing Your First Notes

Working down the notes on the saxophone, starting at the top of the instrument and working toward the bottom. Learning some notes in our first scale.

Using The Tongue The Right Way

The importance of proper tonguing technique and how it helps you start your notes well (especially helpful for your lower notes).

Some More Notes On The Sax

What are all those other buttons and keys for? A look at the pinky finger keys on both hands.

The Upper Octave

Moving up to the second octave on the sax (so we can play a full scale up and down the sax).


Let's play some songs! 2 Lessons

Let's Play Some Songs On TENOR

TENOR version: now that we've learned the scale up and down a couple octaves, we are ready to play a few songs on our sax.

Let's Play Some Songs On ALTO

ALTO version: now that we've learned the scale up and down a couple octaves, we are ready to play a few songs on our sax.